Hey…wuz up wit ‘cha!  I’m Brown…ok, my real name is DeLandria but NO ONE calls me that.

My closest friends and family all call me Brown, and I want YOU to be one of them, so please call me Brown or just B.

I am a single mother of two children, a sister, daughter, cousin, aunt, lover, divorcee, employee, entrepreneur, small business owner, blogger, and a few other things that are probably not appropriate to type here.  Besides, the list is already too long but I promise to tell you about those “other things” as we move along.

So, what am I doing here?

When I looked at that long list of things I am to so many people, I realized that somewhere along the way I lost ME.

Then I realized, I never really had ME on the list to even actually LOSE ME.  So, this is the place I will share how I rediscovered myself and how I used my personal mantra Turns & Choices to exercise my power and take care of ME from the inside out.

I want to talk to YOU about the REAL sh!t that we women experience from the inside out that no one is really talking about.  How we hide behind our weaves, outfits, makeup and daily responsibilities while feeling shame, guilt, low self-esteem, lost, frustration, and sometimes anger for all that we give away but never seem to get back!

I believe that you are powerful and magnificent.  If you don’t feel like you are that’s ok I don’t always fe.  How about you hang out a little while with me as I share my with you my journey and the tips and tools I use to this day to identify and leverage the turns and choices of this thing called life.

This is a space that I will use to help you take life by the “preverbial horns” and prepare you to make BETTER decisions for your personal and professional life goals.